Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I'd like to take this moment to remember President Gerald R. Ford who passed away on the 26th. He was the oldest living American President. He passed away at age 93, as did Reagan. Ford beat Reagan's age by just one month. He was also the only President in American history to have not been elected.

Ford had several honors bestowed upon him. You may read about them here. It is a wonderful tribute and I encourage you all to read it, especially if you are an American. It is a sad time in our country when one of its highest leaders passes away. I believe that it is incumbant upon us all to set asside politics when one of our leaders breath their last, and to pay them the respect they deserve. Please take just one moment in your day to honor President Ford.

I'd like to close this post with a quote from Ford made immediately after at his swearing in. I believe that it embodies the man himself:

"I am acutely aware that you have not elected me as your president by your ballots. So I ask you to confirm me with your prayers."

Rest in peace, Mr. President.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

My husband and children are watching "A Christmas Story" on TBS. They will be showing it for 24 hours. I believe it is one of the most annoying and abonoxious movies ever made. It is it the one Christmas movie I flat out refuse to watch.

You can't have a BB'll shoot your eye out you freaking idiot! Now deal with life and MOVE ON already.

Then of course is the other idiot who gets his tongue stuck on a frozen post...and the whiney little brother I'd love to Just. Shoot.

On another note, we have a new family member...Her name is Goldie. She is half yellow lab, half golden retriever. Isn't she simply adorable???!!!

All of my Christmas gifts are wrapped... Just waiting for the kids to go to bed so I can put them all under the tree and go to bed. They're watching that stupid movie with my husband though, so I have to wait another hour and forty minutes. Oh hey...guess I'll take a Christmas soak in my tub. BIG SMILES there.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you!!!
Hope your day is full of love and joy!!!

Friday, December 15, 2006

At the risk of smashing to bits every ounce of coolness my reputation may have, I must admit that I am a Barry Manillow and Gloria Gaynor fan. I've been singing two of their songs throughout the day. First comes "I Will Survive" and then "Copa Cabana". In both of these songs the women's lives take a serious nosedive. Gloria goes on with passion about how she's going to survive it all. Lola, well, Lola winds up dressing in her old showgirl dress from twenty years previous and looses her mind.

Right now I can relate to both of those women.

Big shout out to Tuna's ex-teacher. Many thanks for targeting my baby and making his life so miserable that I had to withdraw him. Tossing him homework in the trash and giving him zero's for it instead? Two thumbs ups! Great teaching strategy!

And telling the class that my son fakes all of his medical issues on the day that he's having an MRI looking for a possible brain tumor to explain his seizure (you say he's not having). TERRIFIC example for the other children! I thank you for that one, too.

I really like the super sarcastic remarks you wrote on his homework packet (that you told the guidance counselor he didn't turn in). My autistic child was thrilled to have worked so hard to complete all seven sheets only to have to write, "Did you read the question?" and "Not a good answer!". Fred and I figured out how he came to those conclussions in a matter of seconds, and they both made perfect sense to us. But he's just a gay farmer and I'm an idiot stay at home mother. I'm sure we know shit.

But that doesn't hold a candle to you're berating him in front of the other children when he didn't understand things. That's EXACTLY what we should be teaching children. When a person with a disability can't perform at the same level of everyone else...berate them in front of their peers. It's fun!

What I'm most impressed with though, is that asside from being such an amazing school teacher, evidently you also hold a medical degree. I'm truly honored to be in the presence of a woman who can teach so magnificently, and THEN without ever seeing a report, can declare that my sons does NOT have OCD, impulse control, ADHD, Asperger's Syndrome or seizures, amoung other things. You can cut through all the bullshit and KNOW that he's faking it all.

How cool it must be to be you.

You are my idol.

I want to be like you.

Have a merry Christmas, and thanks for helping my son so tremendously. I will cherish you in my heart forever, as will my son as the rest of our family.

Peace out.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Just a few random thougths...

ANOTHER Rocky movie? Are they frigging serious???

My mother is coming to visit on Dec 26th. She is staying at a hotel. SEND. DRUGS. NOW. For me that is...

A tenth grade (slut whore cradle robber) girl on the bus told my either grader that his long hair made him look really hot. He is now wearing a flat top.

Too much homemade fudge makes your jeans too tight.

OH! And Bear will be here on the 21st! You know what that means....SEX! SEX!!! SEX!!!!! So send condoms with those drugs.

That's about all for now.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Texas Mosque Update!

Actually, one of my readers posted a very well written comment regarding her experience with having a religious organization open up down the road on her PREVIOUSLY quiet neighborhood. I thought it deserved sharing.

Ozfemme said...

We live in a relatively quiet (if you overlook my raucous squawking at the children) leafy peaceful area. Just down the road from here, some Bahai devotees took possession of an old shopfront and use it to worship on certain weeknights. That's cool. They're a peaceful, gentle mob and I quite like the basic priniciples of their faith. I just wish that after a peaceful, night's worshipping they could go peacefully to their cars (which they've blocked our driveway with at regular intervals) and depart as quietly as they can. No, not this mob. Once they're done with their peaceful and harmonious worshipping they're out there, all talking at the top of their voices at once, taking half an hour to say "See Ya" and slamming their car doors several times over each - or so it would seem. Perhaps it's part of their rituals? Then, just to top it off, they have to honk their car horns twice each as they depart, just in case there's someone in a 12km radius that isn't aware of the fact that they're going home and see you Thursday!!

My son is in the school rock band. He plays guitar and is soon acquiring a drum kit. We have a large garage down the back of the property which I will line with whatever sound proofing works the best. I've notified the neighbours and have set time limits on when Noise and his band members can make noise.

Guess who in the street has a problem with it?!

I'm tempted to schedule a rock band concert in my front yard one Thursday night from 7 - 10pm and invite everyone in town and make sure all the available parking space in the street is taken.

I'm a reasonable woman, you know.

Peace Out People!

Now see, like I said, the issue with the Mosque isn't anti-Muslim. It's anti-"noise and confussion in my neighborhood". Here you have a religious organization not caring about the noise and problems THEY cause, but reign in on the neighbors' right to make their own.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Zipperfish has a great cartoon series entitled "You Are Fucking Morons". Here is the most recent You Are Fucking Morons 12: Muslims. Enjoy!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Britney's Cooter

Looks like she needs to shave a little further back. She's got some ass hair. Oh, and the regular use of personal hygiene wipes after each "powder room" break would help lighten up that brown streak between her butt cheaks.

Muslims Build A Mosque In Texas And Get Pig Races

A group of Muslims in Texas purchased some land and want to build a Mosque, a gym, and a school on it. There is a problem though, evidently several of their neighbors do not want the traffic into their quiet little area. Who can blame them? Also, another neighbor raises pigs. They asked him to leave (this is being denied...of course).

So the pig owner, whose family settled the area and has had their family pig business in this location for a couple generations, has decided to hold large pig race every Friday night (for those of you who were born yesterday, Muslims find pigs offensive and Friday night is their night of worship).

Well, I have an answers for the oh so offended Muslims. The pig owners/racers were there first. They've been raising pigs for quite some time. If you don't like it, sell the land and purchase elsewhere. Even then, be well aware that someone else may purchase the land next to you and decide to do pig boils on Friday night. Personally, if I were your neighbor, I'd have a weekly Friday night pig roast. I like roasted pig. I like ham, bacon and pork chops. This is AMERICA. In America we eat pigs. If you don't like it...LEAVE. But don't think for one damned minute that you have any right to claim "Religious Beliefs" and impose your pig issues on the rest of the bacon eating country. I live in the South now. Bacon, sausage and fried pork rinds are our heritage. Little Miss Piggy is an American Icon.

So either GET OVER IT or move to the Middle East where your women will be covered from head to toe and no pigs abound.

Now some people question whether or not there would be an outcry if someone wanted to build a Church instead. I believe the answer would be yes. There are fifteen homes out there. It is quiet. They like it that way. They don't want the traffic generated daily by a school, a gym and religious meetings. The Muslims are being rude by just ASSUMING that anyone there would be okay with an increase in traffic and noise to their homesteads.

Look, we moved our family out to nowhere for some peace and quiet. If a group of Protestants wanted to build something off of my quiet road which would create an increase in traffic, I'd be pissed and I'd fight it tooth and nail. I've lived in a neighborhood with an elementary school in it. The traffic was horrific. I HATED IT!!! At least these people have a recourse: PIG RACING ON FRIDAY NIGHTS.

I suggest the pig racing start now. I think they should do it during school hours every day as well. People purchase homes in quiet areas BECAUSE THEY WANT IT QUIET. They don't want to deal with parents dropping off and picking up their kids every damned day. I know I don't. And I'd much rather have pig racing and hog boils than vehicular traffic almost every morning, every afternoon, and several evenings during the week.

The American Muslim community wants us to be considerate of them. So when the hell will they become considerate of us? The Katy Islamic Association has an opportunity here (or HAD an opportunity here) to show that they are concerned about people other than themselves. I do know of churches asking local neighbors about building a church in their community BEFORE purchasing land and creating additional traffic. And I do know of churches who have agreed to go elsewhere. It's called being considerate.

A lesson that the K.I.A. obviously needs to learn.